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greenhousegreenhouse applicationAccording to Virginia Tech University,
“Up to 85% of the heat loss from a greenhouse occurs at night. Using a thermal blanket to retain heat at night can be a cost efficient investment…[and] blankets offered primarily for heat retention can reduce energy use by up to 50%, whereas blankets offered as combination thermal blanket and summer shade protection can reduce winter energy use 25% or more.”

Raytrol® provides these advantages:
  • Allows passage of air and light
  • 95% heat reflectivity
  • Micro-perforations do not create condensation
  • Can be sewn, heat-seamed and even machine washed
  • Provides no nest support for rodent or insect pests
  • Requires no maintenance
RayShield® provides these advantages:
  • Air, moisture and vapor radon barrier
  • High R Value and a 95% radiant heat block
  • Layers of bubble create a thermal gap, disallowing condensation
  • Does not promote the growth of fungi or bacteria
  • Provides no nest support for rodent or insect pests
  • Requires no maintenance

Raytrol® does not provide an R-value, but the RayShield® applications will have the same R-values as those listed for Post Frame or Metal Building, depending on the construction of your greenhouse.

Radiant heat block.For greenhouses, direct sunlight is not best. Direct heat and light only hit the leaves on top, neglecting the plants growing under the canopy. A radiant barrier actually reflects and disperses the heat and light, so if it is used on the greenhouse as a draped shade cloth, the heat from your lamps will be able to circulate to the plants at many different angles.

While typical blackout fabrics can impede light, they absorb more heat, adding to the energy problem. Both Raytrol® and RayShield® Double Bubble Foil block the majority of the light while reflecting the radiant heat. They also have features disallowing condensation that occurs often in climates with excess humidity. That way you don’t have to worry about the condensation from the roof of the greenhouse pooling above the plants.

To get day-length sensitive plants to flower at times of the year when the day length is naturally long, Temptrol® may be used to create darkness from early evening until night-time and then again in the morning from just before sun-rise until sufficient hours or darkness have been reached. One aspect of using typical blackout cloth is the fact that, because the cloth is of necessity a closed weave cloth, there is a difficulty in providing adequate ventilation. Raytrol®’s micro perforations allow air and moisture to move freely, without the need for expensive exhaust fans.

RayShield® Double Bubble Foil can provide a higher R Value per inch than foam or fiberglass at a fraction of the price. While conventional insulation only slows down conductive or convective heat transfer, RayShield® Double Bubble Foil also blocks radiant heat, which is the primary mode of heat transfer in and out of your greenhouse. Because RayShield® comes in a large variety of widths and sizes, it makes installation that much easier. Why not use the same insulation in your greenhouse that millions have trusted in their homes?