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Pipe Wrap Applications

Linear Pipe Wrap - R-4

To help reduce condensation on cold pipes and heat loss on hot pipes, wrap them with RayShield® insulation. Cut a length of pipe wrap from the roll that will be easy to handle in your working area. Place the white side of the insulation next to the pipe. Pre-shape the insulation by wrapping it around the pipe. This will make the taping easier and help to form a better seal. Remove the protective backing from the tape and overlap the edge so it just covers the tape area. On small pipes this will produce a loose fit and on larger pipes, a snug fit. Insulation value is not affected by a loose or tight fit.

Tempshield reflective bubble pipe wrap insulation

Spiral Pipe Wrap - R-4

Simply spiral RayShield® pipe wrap around your pipes, overlapping 1/2" as you go. Securely tape with foil tape around each end of your wrapped product. This procedure provides an air space that will aid the insulation value. Do not leave any exposed pipe or space where air can enter between the pipe and the wrap.