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Reflecive Insulation

Metal Building Construction Specs


The assembly used to test the thermal resistance of TempShield® insulation as it would be installed in new metal building construction consisted of a corrugated metal exterior, 1/2" extruded polystyrene thermal breaks 5' on center, RayShield® insulation, and 8" Z purlins commonly used in metal buildings.

Thermal Values Heat Flow
Heat Flow
U Value
U Value
w/Wafer Board
5.02 7.93 .199 .126
w/Metal Interior
4.29 7.29 .233 .137
Exposed to Interior
3.63* 7.26* .275* .138*

All Thermal Values are corrected for frame loss.
* Includes thermal resistance of 1.32 UP and 4.55 DOWN for interior air film.


Thermal assembly tested for thermal resistance of RayShield® insulation in the walls of metal buildings consisted of corrugated metal exterior, 1/2" extruded polystyrene thermal breaks, RayShield® insulation, 8" Z girts, and 1/2" wafer board to represent an interior finished wall.

Thermal Values Heat Flow Horz. U Value Horiz.
RayShield® w/Wafer Board 5.45 .183
RayShield® w/Metal Interior 4.77 .210
RayShield® Exposed to Interior 4.50* .222*

* Includes thermal resistance of 1.70 for interior air film.