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Crawlspace Insulation

Vapor Barrier Protection and Insulation

When RayShield® is installed in crawl spaces, the heat rays which flow downward in winter are reflected upward, back into the home at a 95% rate. The temperature of the cold floors which cause cold feet will be raised while fuel bills reduce, providing for INCREASED COMFORT. As the heat is reflected back into the living area, it warms other objects. Those objects radiate heat back into the room, increasing your living comfort.

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  • Carefully read over the Helpful Tips before starting.
  • Inspect your crawl space and make any needed repairs before installing RayShield®.
  • Check your crawl space to determine the amount of work space, and whether your floor joists are 16” or 24” on-center.
  • Determine if there are water pipes and heating ducts which hang below the floor joists. These will need to be insulated. RayShield® Pipe Wrap is designed especially for this use. There is no need to wrap water pipes or duct work that fall between floor joists. RayShield® will provide adequate insulating without extra wrapping
  • Start at the end of the house and face staple RayShield® to the bottom of the first floor joist. Leave enough length so the insulation can be pulled up to the band board and stapled.
  • Start the next run and face staple to the bottom of the floor joist. Overlap tabs and seal with foil tape to create a vapor barrier. At the ends, staple up to the sub-floor or band board.